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Mobile Home Inspections

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The harsh winters, dragging snow and water into our mobile homes can be very harmful, consequently creating mold and wood rot issues that the naked eye cannot see and as a matter of fact only Thermal Imaging and a moisture meter can detect. It takes experience and the proper education to give you the correct Mobile home inspection report however that is not enough, above all the inspector must really care about this inspection. Due to the fact that a previous owner usually does not have the home inspected on a regular bases, current and upcoming issues are not addressed until they become a major concern. As a result of this costly issues are usually developing and some of which may cost thousands of dollars to correct and/or be harmful to your family without your or the prior owners knowledge.

“Knowing is more than half the battle, as knowledge is power and the more you know, the more control you will have over your homes future.  As a property inspector I have had years of experience coming across many issues that you will not find in any text books, the inexperienced inspector out there would have no clue if it was an issue or not. I have spent 4 years in college as well as hundreds of hours with online classes to make sure I also have the proper credentials and understanding of the newer HVAC systems as well as structural concerns.Engineered Mobile homes have always been a favorite of mine as in many ways they can be better built than many other homes in your area” James MacNaughton Owner of AnnRuel Home Inspections / Maine Mobile Home Inspections

This is the very min that a inspector that you hire should have
Several of the Certifications Recommended for Mobile Home Inspections that James MacNaughton has

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 My Home Inspections Include ..

1. Detailed Written Report within 48 hours by a certified Home Inspector
2.  Structure & Foundation Inspection
3.  Plumbing Inspection
4.  Thermal Image Inspection
5.  Electrical Inspection
6.  Chimney Inspection
7.  Deck & Porch Inspection
8.  Roof Inspection
9.  Window and doors Inspection
10.  Siding Inspection
11. Heating and Hot water Tank Inspection
12.  Garage Inspection
13.  Kitchen Appliance Inspection
14. Free Re-Inspection after repairs are completed  (just pay Travel)

Jim MacNaughton's Certification
Jim MacNaughton’s Certification

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State of Maine Certified Septic Inspector

If you are looking at buying a trailer on its own land remember to get a septic Inspection! A bad system could cost you as much as $15,000 ! Have it inspected before you buy! While a Home Inspection is vital, a septic inspection, in a word can save you a lot  of stress

I am a certified thru Rutgers University to take all water samples properly

Very important because not knowing what you are doing can bring back false results from the lab. I am also trained to help you read the report and explain what you need to do to correct any issues. Above all taking the sample properly the first time saves time and money.

Also certified IAC2 Air quality Inspector 

This is the national Indoor Air Council and only a certified inspector should take air samples for the lab and help you understand what mold spores you have and what they can do in order to handle the situation.

A  certified Thermal Image Inspector

Having an expensive thermal imaging camera is one thing but knowing how to use it correctly is another indeed.

Our Inspectors are  certified mobile home and regular Home Inspector 

I have a bit more know how than the average inspector and in my reports to you it shows, because of this you can feel secure with your purchase.

We work with a Foundation Certification Engineer’s to provide you with Mobile home foundation certifications if your lender requires it !

I work as their  eyes and ears  in my area to supply the Engineers with everything they need to get your home certified.

Mobile Home Inspections A Division of AnnRuel Home Inspections