Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of the questions I am asked the most

What makes a mobile home inspection different than a regular home inspection?

1)  First off we walk around the home to see what type of steps and/ or decks, and/or additions have been added to the home to see how it has been attached and what flashing has been used. A mobile home is designed only to support its own weight, any additions should be free standing and not bearing on the walls of the mobile home
2)  We look around at the skirting to see how the air circulation is and if it is installed properly.
3)  Locating the manufacturers HUD plate or on double wide’s plates and photographing them for your records to verify this is the same number on the home you will be buying
4)  The frame of a mobile home is interconnected large I-beams that we need to verify that they are not bent or heavily rusted.
5)  Looking under the home we check to see if it is supported properly checking the foundation piers, to confirm that they are not damaged or leaning, that the holes in the pier blocks are facing upward utilizing the greatest strength of the cinder block. Checking the pier caps are not rotted or cracked, and any leveling shims are secure and dry.
6)  We examine the vapor barrier under floor framing for tears, deterioration, moisture, animal or rodent intrusion and sagging.
7)  Check for any and all tie downs and that they are secured to the slb and trailer properly. Confirm that they meet the standards in place at the time the home was installed.
8)  Checking the levelness of all doors and windows that they open and close properly and that recommended screens are on location.
9)  There are several unique things we have to check on the standard Miller mobile home furnace with special care given to checking the chimney and fire box.
10)   The kitchen cabinets are often custom built for the home and connections have to be checked closer than other kitchens.

Do you mind if I follow you around and ask questions?

I welcome the opportunity to be able to explain things as I go along. You will receive a detailed report but it is still good to be able to point things out as I go along.

Do you mind coming back to re-inspect an issue after it has been corrected?

I always like to return and make sure a job was done correctly. I only ask for a travel fee.