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Our Story

I started out as a commercial photographer in 1980 and slowly my past experience working in the family construction company kept finding a way to get into my photo shoots. My wife handled the office and we decided to take both of our middle names, hers being ANN and my middle name being Ruel , we knew AnnRuel would be a great name. As insurance photography and then insurance inspections took over my business it was evident that this was fate that I would become the best Home inspector in Maine. I not only gained the educationj and experience as a home inspector but I had years in the family business building as well as over 1000 insurance inspections. Thanks to the insurance angle I had a massive edge over the competition. I care about every inspection, knowing that I have been trusted to see if this major purchase is worth the asking price or not. It is a great responsibility that I do not take lightly, as this will often be a purchase that will take a good part of the buyers income for the next 30 years.

My Goal

It is my goal to make sure that every client feels confident that they can make an educated offer on the property they are looking at buying or they can have the correct information to know if they should walk away.  I take it very serious that a home inspection will often be the deciding point on a good chuck of a persons income for the next 20 to 30 years and can not be taken lightly.

Meet the Team

jim macnaughton

Jim MacNaughton

  Master Inspector& CEO with multiply Certifications (over 25) and constantly taking more classes and workshops to continually offer more services

Marlene MacNaughton

Vice President handles the book keeping and office work as well as helping on many inspection.

Derek MacNaughton


      Chris Watts Sales Manager

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